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Virtual Event
EIT Urban Mobility - Matchmaking Event Series

Matchmaking - How does it work?


  • Register via the green "Register now" button
  • All matchmaking sessions (project idea pitches, bilaterial meeting sessions, and long-term matchmaking) are accessible for EIT Urban Mobility Partners, and Non-Partners holding the Matchmaking Admission ticket (100€).
  • The Basic Admission ticket (free) gives access to the Call Information Sessions and basic platform features.

Tips for your profile

  • Create a clear and concise profile to raise your visibility on this platform.
  • Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to potential partners and who you want to meet.
  • Specify your Challenge Areas of Activity, Organisation Type, Innovation Hub affiliation, EIT Urban Mobility Programme of interest (these criteria will facilitate matchmaking)
  • Your profile will be visible before, during and after the event.

Public Marketplace Forum

  • This is a public forum to promote offers and needs for all platform participants.
  • Find out who is offering interesting project ideas, services or products.
  • Promote your offers and needs to complement your project idea.
  • Specify your posts with the right tags, i.e. addressed Challenge Areas, EIT Urban Mobility Programme, collaboration needs, type of service, project stage, etc.

Networking opportunities (1:1 meetings)

  • Sign-up for pre-planned "Bilaterial meetings" sessions and/or "Long-term matchmaking" to show your availability.
    • Pre-planned "Bilateral Meetings":
      • Signed-up participants will be matched according to their availability.
      • 15 minutes run fast but it is enough to build first connections before the bell rings and the next talk starts.
    • "Long-term Matchmaking":
      • Request and schedule 1:1 video calls before, during and after the events at any time.
      • Available until end of May.
  • Be active not reactive. Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet.
  • Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted.
  • Invite up to three guests, once the meeting request is accepted.

    This feature is only available for EIT Urban Mobility Partners and Non-Partners with Matchmaking Admission ticket (100€).

    How to attend online sessions?

    • During the registration, sign-up only for those sessions you intend to attend
    • Once registered, you can always come back to your profile and add/remove sessions (Login -> Agenda)
    • Tip: Save the dates in your calendar as well. On the day before, a reminder will be sent for those sessions you have signed-up for via b2match.
    • On the day of the events:
      • 1) Log-in to your account (important) 
      • 2) Go to "Agenda"
      • 3) "Join online session" (the button becomes immediately available upon the start of the session)

    Code of Conduct

    We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody: Be excellent to each other, show empathy, and help make this a safe space to explore tangible, equitable solutions. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event.

    If you have any technical queries, please contact us at call2022@eiturbanmobility.eu.



      Closed since 30 May 2021


      Virtual Event

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      Austria 9
      Belgium 21
      Brazil 1
      Bulgaria 3
      Colombia 1
      Croatia 10
      Czech Republic 30
      Denmark 14
      Egypt 1
      Estonia 18
      Finland 13
      France 26
      Germany 101
      Greece 10
      Hungary 17
      India 2
      Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
      Israel 7
      Italy 65
      Latvia 5
      Lebanon 1
      Lithuania 9
      Luxembourg 1
      Malta 20
      Mexico 1
      Netherlands 62
      Nigeria 1
      Norway 7
      Poland 20
      Portugal 26
      Romania 19
      Serbia 6
      Singapore 1
      Slovakia 5
      Slovenia 5
      Spain 135
      Sweden 17
      Switzerland 6
      Tunisia 1
      Turkey 71
      Ukraine 2
      United Kingdom 10
      United States 1
      Total 782


      Business 103
      Business - SME 88
      Business - Start-ups 111
      Higher Education 97
      Research 153
      Cities 76
      Regions 11
      NGOs 38
      Other 105
      Total 782